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virus and malware removal

Virus and malware removal

The internet today is a playground for internet criminals. Trojan's, worms and false police messages are getting commen.

Viruses are programs designed to damage your system,  steal informatie or take over your computer for criminal activities (like phishing mails).

Malware is a collective name for other kinds of malisious software. This can be programs that monitor your keystrokes. They can also take the form of a fake anti virus program that finds so called infections, only to force you into buying their product. Generaly speaking malware is less destructive then viruses, but they are realy intrusive.

We often think we are safe behind our anti-virus program's and firewalls, but the truth is that these programs are always a step behind.

Infections tend to happen often because of this, luckily we can remove these.

We track down the virus and remove it entirely. Even if the computer doesn't start anymore.

06 18 549 777
Monday till friday from 10:00 until 20:00
Saturday from 10:00 until 13:00