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Hightech solutions for normal prices.
CompuNol, computer and laptop repair rotterdam
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computer help at home or remote support
we repair all brands of computers and laptops
computer repair rotterdam
We analyse your computer with the help of advanced equipment and software, and repair or replace the defective part quickly .....
laptop repair rotterdam
Just getting a black screen, the battery doesnt charge or is your screen broken? We have the knowledge and experience to solve this in a professional ....
data recovery retrieving lost files
Some documents can not be replaced, and pictures can hold treasured memories. The loss of these Photo's can therefore be quite the disaster .....
virus and malware removal
The internet nowadays is a playground for internet criminals. Trojan's, worm's and false police messages are commenplace ......

Computer and laptop repair

We have all been there, one day your computer doesn't start, your laptop shows you a fake police message or your hard drive "crashed" with all your data on it.

We repair it all for you. Quick and cheap. The costs of repair are just a fraction of buying a new one. And we can usualy recover your lost data.

Even if you accidentely deleted Photo's from your memory card, usb stick, external hard drive or camera/telephone, we an usualy still recover them.
06 18 549 777
Monday till friday from 10:00 until 20:00
Saturday from 10:00 until 13:00