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big computer and laptop maintenance

Big computer maintenance

To keep your computer in tip top shape recommend performing big maintenance once a year.

Before we begin we make a back-up of all your data.
Your computer gets completely emptied and reconstructed. During this proces we check the voltage ratings, the wireing and reapply thermal paste (to prevent overheating). Fans that don't perform propperly will be replaced (a cool computer is a fast computer).

When all the hardware is back in shape we format the hard drive and install the operating system (windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, linux, Mac OS) again. After this we install the software u wish to have and make sure all the "must have" program's and plugins are present. Every type of file or website is usable by default this way.

After restoring your data and reconfiguring your email accounts your computer or laptop will function like new. gauranteed!

This way you can enjoy your computer for years.

Big maintenance is also the oppertune moment to switch to a newer operating system (whenever possible).
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