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CompuNol, computer and laptop repair rotterdam
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Computer maintenance

Computers and laptops get slower when you use them. The software "wears" as it were. This leads to the computer becomming slower, data loss or in the worst case that something breaks down. Hardware also needs to be maintained

, for example think about removing flammable dust pockets.

Compare your computer/laptop to a car, if it isn't  maintained eventualy it breaks down. But don't fear, with good maintenance your pc will perform like when you just bought it.
Computer maintenance rotterdam
big computer and laptop maintenance
The yearly maintenance. Your computer will be completely emptied. After this it will be rebuild, reinstalled and your files will be restored. After a big maintenance your computer or laptop will function like new again.
IT service contract
Your computer and laptop always in good condition? with our service contract your equipment will keep performing. You also get unlimited remote assistance and for every question you can consult our helpline.
small computer and laptop maintenance
The monthly maintenance, this is done with software and you can usualy do it yourself. Cleaning, fixing errors and removing unwanted software. CompuNol will gladly advise on how to do this, or will do this for you. This can also be done remotely.
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Saturday from 10:00 until 13:00
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